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15x15 Heat Press

15x15 Heat Press

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  • Excellent Performance: With a 15"x15" (38X38 cm) large heat platen, the heat press provides a large surface to transfer onto flat surfaced items. The Teflon-coated platen is non-stick and stable, preventing scorching of transfers.
  • Accurate Digital Control: Equipped with accurate digital timer and temperature control, you can set the heat press machine to the desired time and temperature according to different materials. An audible alarm automatically beeps when the job is done, and the element will stop heating once the set time and temperature are reached.
  • Adjustable Pressure: Industry-style clamshell design offers a firmer principal post. Simply lift or press down with two-arm force. The heat press machine for t shirts adopts the unique pressure adjustment knob so that the pressure is evenly distributed on the entire platen.
  • Trusted Security: The heat press 15x15 uses the high-quality imported insurance tube to ensure the standard voltage and current of the whole printing press. The built-in circuit breaker automatically prevents electrical faults or other accidents.
  • Multiple Application: Our economic and practical 15x15 heat press is best for industrial, professional, small studio, and personal use. It's perfect for T-shirts, clothing, bags, jigsaw toys, tiles, and flat items
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About DTF & Sublimation Transfers

DTF Transfers: Digital Transfer Film is the latest technology of heat transfers. DTF Transfers are baked with a special powder which provides an exceptional hold to any color/material including: cotton, poly, denim, silk & more. When heat pressed to the garment, the designs are soft, stretchy, vibrant, durable and long lasting.

Sublimation Transfers: Transfers must be used on a shirt that is a minimum of 50% polyester. A 50% polyester item will give you a vintage look.

The higher the polyester count, the brighter the colors. You will need to use white or light colored shirts in order for the design to show up. You will need a heat press to use this transfer. Butcher paper and instructions are included with every order.

Press Recommendations

DTF Transfers: Heat Press at 300 degrees/15 seconds, prepress shirt, use medium pressure. Peel COLD. Repress 9 seconds with Teflon cover paper.

Sublimation Transfers: Set temperature to 400 degrees Fahrenheit.Set timer to 45-55 seconds. Set Pressure at medium.Lint roll shirt. Put butcher paper inside the garment to ensure the ink does not bleed through the shirt to the back. Place transfer face down on garment. Place butcher paper on top of design and shirt. Press at 400 degrees F for 45-55 seconds with medium pressure. Remove paper immediately and peel hot.

Shipping & Production

Allow 1-3 days production prior ro shipping.