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DTF Transfers by Size

DTF Transfers by Size

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Order DTF Transfers by Size in 4 Easy Steps!

Upload your design (any file up to 5GB), leave detailed notes (specific sizing or colors), select your transfer size and cut option (rolled or precut), and select your quantity.

  • Buy 15+ items, get 35% off
  • Buy 50+ items, get 45% off
  • Buy 100+ items, get 55% off
  • Buy 250+ items, get 65% off

Already have a ready-to-print vector Gang Sheet?

Visit our Gang Sheet order page.

Your order will be delivered in a roll. Bulk discounts are available based on total unit count. For example, if you order 100 4x4 and 150 8x8, you will receive 250pc pricing on both sizes.

Failure to supply a transparent file will result in your order being cancelled and refunded.*** 

  • Upload your image: First choose your quantity. Then Click on BROWSE above the ADD TO CART button to upload your image prior to purchasing.
  • Video below on how to upload images and check out.
  • Production Time Needed: 1-3 Days prior to ship.

Note: DTF Transfers may arrive with powder and moisture which is caused by the shipping process, these 2 things are unavoidable. You will also experience moisture when the items are stored, so keep the transfers in a cool environment. To remove moisture you may sit the transfer under a hot heat press back side up for 90 seconds.


If the design you are providing contains copyright or licensed images, we will need documentation on file, from you to prove ownership or proof of commission by the license property owner to create this image. This documentation will remain on file, under your account.

This must be done to protect the intellectual property of all parties involved.

Please email copyright documentation to 

DTF Transfer Policy: DTF Transfers are non-refundable. We will not refund purchases due to user errors. We will however replace defective transfers at the time they arrive. We will request photos of such defects to approve these claims. These are a no refunds/final sale item with the exception of defects before on arrival.

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About DTF & Sublimation Transfers

DTF Transfers: Digital Transfer Film is the latest technology of heat transfers. DTF Transfers are baked with a special powder which provides an exceptional hold to any color/material including: cotton, poly, denim, silk & more. When heat pressed to the garment, the designs are soft, stretchy, vibrant, durable and long lasting.

Sublimation Transfers: Transfers must be used on a shirt that is a minimum of 50% polyester. A 50% polyester item will give you a vintage look.

The higher the polyester count, the brighter the colors. You will need to use white or light colored shirts in order for the design to show up. You will need a heat press to use this transfer. Butcher paper and instructions are included with every order.

Press Recommendations

DTF Transfers: Heat Press at 300 degrees/15 seconds, prepress shirt, use medium pressure. Peel COLD. Repress 9 seconds with Teflon cover paper.

Sublimation Transfers: Set temperature to 400 degrees Fahrenheit.Set timer to 45-55 seconds. Set Pressure at medium.Lint roll shirt. Put butcher paper inside the garment to ensure the ink does not bleed through the shirt to the back. Place transfer face down on garment. Place butcher paper on top of design and shirt. Press at 400 degrees F for 45-55 seconds with medium pressure. Remove paper immediately and peel hot.

Shipping & Production

Allow 1-3 days production prior ro shipping.